Flyers can be printed by us up to a print run of 1000 pieces.


Flyers can be folded at ITMC in several folds.


We offer 2 sizes for printing flyers:

  • A4 (29,7cmx21cm)
  • A3 (42,0cmx29,7cm)

Printing on a digital printing machine is not borderless, ie:

  • if the bottom edge is trimmed, your flyer will be smaller than A4
  • if you want the flyer exactly in A4, it must be printed on A3
    • the price will increase
    • you have to deliver the file with bleed marks.
    • Colored solid areas must have a bleed (i.e. the colored areas must extend beyond the edge).

Please do not place fold marks!

Flyers can be printed on both sides and folded with different fold types. The most common fold types are:

  • Wrap fold
  • Single fold
  • z-fold
  • Altarfold
  • Double parallel fold 

For other fold types, please inquire at posteruni-rostockde.

Flyers are printed on the following types of paper:

  • 100g/m² matt
  • 120g/m² matt
  • 135 g/m² silk matt

This offer is only valid for members of the University of Rostock in the context of their scientific or administrative work.

There is a charge for printing flyers!

The prices for members of the University of Rostock apply.