Binding of multi-page prints in foil and cardboard (softcover)

  • the binding of the pages is done with a foil in the front and a dark blue cardboard in the back.
  • The pages are glued with a strip at the spine.

This service can only be used by university members in the context of their work in research and teaching. There is a charge for this service.

Thermo adhesive bindings with own cover

Thermo adhesive bindings can be made only in A5 and A4.


You must design your own envelope.

Keep in mind that an envelope for an A4 thermal binding is larger than 2 A4 pages.

The size of the envelope depends on the number of sheets (sheets) of the inner part.

We can send you templates for envelopes in different formats..

Your envelope will be printed separately and cut accordingly.

The envelope will be printed on 200g/m² or 250 g/m² paper.

Hardcover binding

Hardcover in leather look


  • dark blue, inside cover in dark blue, DIN A4 oversize

for bindings up to 180 sheets (360 pages for two-page printing).

For other sizes please ask.

Hardcover in leather look with label on the front (POD)

  • dark blue, inside cover dark blue, DIN A4 oversize
  • Label for front side (pre-cut area)
    • label is designed by the user (templates available)
    • will be glued into the pre-cut area by the user himself

Currently only available for work from 50 to 100 sheets.

Hardcover binding is available for a fee.

  • Hardcover smal        15   - 150 Blatt 80g/m²
  • Hardcover medium   151 - 300 Blatt 80g/m²
  • Hardcover big           301 - 540 Blatt 80g/m²

This service can only be offered to members of the university in the context of their work in research and teaching.