How can I purchase software?

The University of Rostock’s procurement regulations determine that software must be purchased via the IT and Media Centre. There is an opportunity of purchase by the user in exceptional cases, but only upon agreement with the IT and Media Centre prior to placing the order!

The user should inform in the provided price lists prior to the purchase or send a price inquiry to the ITMC by email, which has to essentially include the following information: product name, operating system (WIN, MAC, UNIX, LINUX), language and amount.

The IT and Media Centre is continually trying to coordinate software purchases so that all opportunities can be fully exploited by merging different means. Institute, campus or state contracts are aspired where suitable – see Information on existing contracts.

For purchasing licenses, the completely filled in software purchase application must be send to the ITMC/Software service (Please, fill it in as indicated on the form so that a quick processing is possible.) Based on this application, the IT and Media Centre will issue a software order form. The software order form has to indicate the financing mode and must be signed by the authorized person. The applicant should keep a copy of this order form to keep the overview on his/her software orders. In case of further inquiries, the registration number of the software order form must be indicated.

The compliance with the licence conditions (bottom of the first page) must be signed by the user.

The software order can be implemented only afterwards. Occuring costs are disbursed by the ITMC and reclaimed via transfer or the seller invoice is provided to the user for payment.

The purchased software products are usually delivered to the ordering person by download with the needed rights being allocated to the download.

The downloading can be done via the web browser, the needed information and the proceeding are communicated by email in advance.



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