The University of Rostock provides a web-based messaging service for students and employees of the University of Rostock. With this service it is possible to exchange information in teams, groups and also individually. The service supports the sending of files, pictures and videos. Access is provided via web interface or via desktop and mobile clients which are freely available from the software manufacturer. The motivation of the service is to offer the user a possibility to exchange data without using public messengers.


Albert-Einstein-Straße 22
18059 Rostock


Josephin Tschakste
Tel.: +49 381 498-5347



The registration is done via the web interface, which can be reached at The registration to this service is done with the user account of the IT- & Medienzentrum. 
No additional registration for this service is necessary. A registration with function & guest accounts is NOT possible.

mobile & Desktop Apps

The desktop apps can be found on the website of the manufacturer:
The mobile apps for Android and iOS can be found in the respective app store.
Please note that these are official apps of the manufacturer and we cannot guarantee support for them.

If you want to use the official apps of the manufacturer, you have to enter the complete URL of the chat server of the University of Rostock for authentication.
Please enter in the URL. Then you can log in with your user ID and the corresponding password. 

general information

The contents (messages, sent files) in the chat service are regularly deleted automatically after 30 days.


Terms of Use

Our general terms of use apply to this service.
This service is offered and provided by ITMZ. The data will be stored on the servers of the ITMZ. The service is not suitable for storing personal or private data. Please note that this service is only intended for the exchange of official data.
The contents (message history, sent files) are automatically deleted after 30 days. 

Please note that it is not possible to log in to this service with function and guest accounts.