VPN access to the University of Rostock

VPN server address: vpn.uni-rostock.de
Loginname: Username - e.g. "xy001"

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The VPN access (Virtual Private Network) provides those staff members and students who use a public internet service provider access to Rostock’s university network.

The advantage of the VPN connection is the encrypted transfer of data, user names and passwords between the user PC and the university network. Furthermore, the private PC gets an IP address from the university network (139.30.x.x) and is able to use internal resources for certain library offers. In addition, the client gets an IPv6 adress (2001:638:804::) and can natively work with IPv6 as far as it is supported by the operating system.

The use of the VPN services needs the Cisco AnyConnect Client. The following operating systems are officially supported:

  • Windows | Windows 8.1 and 10
  • Windows 10 on ARM
  • Mac OS X | MacOS 10.14 till 11.2
  • Linux | Linux Red Hat 7, 8 & Ubuntu 16.04 (LTS), 18.04 (LTS) & 20.04 (LTS)
  • iOS 10.0+ | via Apple iTunes
  • Android 4.4+ | via Google Playstore

There are 3 profiles available:

  • Internet-Access: All data traffic (IPv4 & Ipv6) ist tunneled via a Uni Rostock IP address. This is the profile for external publish house access!
    For further information please see here: https://www.ub.uni-rostock.de/en/borrowing/electronic-resources/zugangsbedingungen/
    Attention! This profile is significantly faster in most use cases than the other ones!
  • University-Access: Only the data traffic to the university network is tunneled (IPv4 & Ipv6). External websites are further accessed via their provider IP.
  • OTP-Access: This profile is only for internal users an non-public.

An access to the personal networks remains always available.

An error during Windows installation/update can be removed by switching the internet connection sharing off. In addition, it might be necessary to deactivate antivirus/protection software.

If there is no internet connection anymore after connecting successfully, a MTU reduction may help. An instruction for your operation system is available in the internet.