The University of Rostock offers its students and employees an alternative to Dropbox and similar services. The service "Unibox" allows to synchronize data between users, desktop computers and mobile terminal devices and to store them. The data access is done via the web browser or mobile clients here. 40 GB per user are available for this service.

On occasion, we advise you to contact our Unibox support team at ITMZ if you have any problems, questions or suggestions.
Please refrain from contacting the software manufacturer directly.


Albert-Einstein-Straße 22
18059 Rostock

Josephin Tschakste
Tel.: +49 381 498-5347


Unibox Rostock for online teaching

The Unibox Rostock can also be used for online teaching. With this service it is possible to exchange and upload data among each other. Additionally, there is the possibility to collaboratively work on text, spreadsheet and presentation documents with the integrated word processing program OnlyOffice. To work with Unibox, a folder must be created. The folders can be shared directly by entering the user's e-mail address or by creating a link. This link can be sent by e-mail or integrated into other services, such as StudIP. Permissions can be set for invitations via email addresses (read only, read and write or administer). Furthermore, it is possible to set up an upload form (via link), which can be used, for example, to submit homework. Only the link creator can access the contents of this form. For more information on how to use the Unibox, share files, create upload forms and much more, please refer to the user manual


Desktop clients
The desktop clients are only available in the 64Bit version since March 2021. The 32Bit versions have been discontinued by the software manufacturer. 

As of 01.01.2024, only desktop clients with version >= 18.2.100 will be supported.
We ask you to update your desktop client accordingly.

Please note that only the new MS Office formats are supported by the online editor OnlyOffice. The DOC / XLS / PPT formats (MS Office 2003) are no longer supported by OnlyOffice and can therefore no longer be edited online.

Unibox Chat Channel on RocketChat

Join the chat channel via the link to be notified of current issues and upcoming maintenance.


Registration takes place via the web interface, which can be reached at https://unibox.uni-rostock.de. Registration for this service is done with the user account of the IT & Media Center.
There is no additional registration required for this service. Login with function or guest accounts is not possible

The web interface

"Unibox Rostock" can be accessed via any web browser, with the exception of Internet Explorer, which is only supported rudimentarily.Via this web surface, folders can be created, members can be added and files can up uploaded and downloaded.

To store files on the server, a folder is required. After the folder has been created, the user is forwarded directly to the directory and has the option of uploading files or creating subfolders. The files can be uploaded via drag & drop or the upload dialog.
Each folder can be shared with other users, which requires the addition of user permissions. Furthermore, it is also possible to share folders or their contents by sending a link.

The User Manual summarizes the most basic features and settings. You can also find the instructions for installing the desktop clients in the User Guide.
For simplified access to the files and folders, clients of the various operating systems are available. The clients for Windows, Linux and Mac are downloaded via the web interface, for Android and iOS via the respective app stores. The clients are available to every user free of charge.

In our FAQ you will find the answers to frequently asked questions.

Installation instructions

The installation instructions for the desktop clients are available on our website User's Guide. (updated 10/2020)
For the introduction of external users a manual for external users is available.
You will also find various instructions as video instructions.

mobile apps

In the iOS and Android app store you will find an app for mobile use of the Unibox.
The iOS app for the Unibox is now available in the new design in the App Store.


The amount of disk space a user can have is limited to 40 GB. This can be extended on request in exceptional cases.

Conditions of use

The general usage conditions apply for this service.
This service is offered and provided by the ITMZ. The data is stored and stored on the servers of the ITMZ. The service is not suitable for storing personal and private data. Please note that this service is intended for official data exchange only and should not be used as a backup destination. All data of the service is stored on a redundant storage system of the ITMZ and secured with several versions. For this reason, recovery of the backup data can only be done administratively. The user is able to independently restore versions of individual files via the web interface of the service. Please note that when you leave the University of Rostock, the data in the Unibox will also be irrevocably deleted. If you share folders/data with other users, please transfer the ownership of the folder to another folder member before you leave the University of Rostock.

External users who have not subscribed to the service within one year will be automatically deleted without any further notification.
For each invited user, a user account is automatically created in the Unibox. Invited university and external users who have never registered or registered with the Unibox within 90 days of the invitation will automatically be removed from the Unibox without any further notification.


Desktop-Client for Windows, Linux & Mac

Google App Store

Apple App Store