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Severe safety deficiencies in the Microsoft Outlook App for Android and iOS

The Microsoft Outlook App for Android and iOS (originally company Acompli), which was published in January for operation system iOS and Android has severe safety deficiencies.

The app provides Microsoft Cloud services full access to the data of your exchange mailbox.

The ITMC strongly advises not to use the software to ensure data safety and confidentiality of users.

Please, refrain from installing this software. In case you have already used this application for your email, delete Microsoft Outlook on your mobile device. Afterwards, you should change your password.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Further information on the topic

Use of Skype

The workgroup VIKTAS of the German Initiative for Network Information does NOT recommend the use of the software Skype!

The entire recommendation is provided here.

Based on this recommendation, you should also NOT use the Skype-Add-On for webbrowser.