Campus and administration systems

The department Campus and administration system supervises all IT systems the University of Rostock uses for students and staff members. The used systems are developed by the company HIS eG. These systems include particularly:

Student and examination administration

All student data which are maintained by the student secretariat are administrated by the system HIS-SOS (SOS = Study organisation system). One of its components allows students to change their basic data (e.g. their address) online or to autonomously print study or BAföG certification without considering the office hours of student secretariat. Furthermore, the online application for study places at the University of Rostock is implemented with this. Additional functionalities will follow.

Examination data of all bachelor and master study courses as well as the modularized teaching profession study courses are formally displayed with the help of HIS-POS (POS = examination organisation system) of the HIS eG. The examination performance data of the students are collected and processed on this basis. Online functionalities that allow web-based registration and de-registration for examinations as well as issuing an overview on accounted examination performances are also available to the students here.


Online course catalogue

The web system LSF (education, study, research) of the HIS eG has provided the electronic course catalogue from winter term 2010/11 on. Thus, the ZVVZ as „old system“ was replaced and the technical basis for a central module index and improved enrolments to admission-limited lectures was created.


Research data administration

Furthermore, the web system LSF (education, study, research) of HIS eG presents research results of the University of Rostock. The following aspects are particularly considered here:


Systems for the central university administration

Essential task areas of the university administration are, among others, the administration of staff and financial data. The HIS systems SVA (employment administration at the workplace) and FSV (financial and materials administration) are used for both fields. The module COB (controlling component) is used for the controlling sector.


André Zeitz
Head of the Department of Campus and Administration Systems