The central home directory

The University of Rostock provides 300 GB storage space (status April 2024) as home directory to every user. It serves for storing personal data and settings and can be used as exchange platform between different systems within the University of Rostock.

On the University of Rostock’s public Window systems (PC pool, application server, uni apps etc.) you find your personal home directory as Drive R: automatically. We recommend to essentially store your data on the home directory on these systems instead of drives C: or D:, because these areas are deleted in regular intervals.

Linux users can also mount their home directory by using the CIFS protocol.

In case you are not in the ITMZ (e.g. in other areas of the university), the central home directory might be provided to you as other mountpoint or other drive. Please, contact the system administrator in charge for further details.

The central home directory is saved by the ITMZ in regular intervals (backups). In „Restoring previous versions“ you get information on how to access these backup versions


Albert-Einstein-Straße 22
18059 Rostock

Jörg Zerbe
Tel.: +49 381 498-5320

Josephin Tschakste
Tel.: +49 381 498-5347

Access options

Of course, the home directory can also be used from private or non-centrally managed computers. Here, you have the following options:

  1. Access from the university network via the SMB protocol, e.g. with the Windows Explorer
  2. Access outside the university network via:

No authentication is supported on the server for NT LAN Manager version 1 (NTLMv1). NTLMv1 is disabled for security reasons.

No authentication is supported on the server for NT LAN Manager Version 1 (NTLMv1). NTLMv1 is turned off for security reasons. Furthermore, SMB1 and SMB2 is no longer supported for security reasons.

Examples for the access

Find examples for the access

Predefined indices in the home directory

The following indices are automatically created on your HOME:

  • \Email – For saving configuration data of mail programs
  • \Personal - "Own documents/My Documents" – For saving personal data
  • \Profile – For storing the configuration of programs, e.g. Microsoft Office
  • \UserProfiles - Windows user profile

Storage space expansion

In case of the provided storage space is too small, you may submit an application for storage space expansion. It will be approved in extraordinary justified cases.

Restoring previous versions (Backup/Restore)

Instructions on how to restore previous versions