Blog/ Wiki

While blogs are intended for structured knowledge exchange and communication of one person, Wikis allow an intensive cooperation.

A wiki in its simplest form is an online storage space where users can freely generate website content and modify it in a very simple way. Only a browser is needed for this.

The version checks for every wiki page ensures that every page can be reset to the previous version at any time in case faulty changes were made or a page was deleted.

User options

For Wikis/ Blogs, the following platforms are offered at the University of Rostock:

SharePoint 2019 - Wikis and Blogs via
(for project-related cooperation)

Wiki-Web via the teaching and learning management system Stud.IP
(for all users with valid user ID)


SharePoint Administrator

Grit Höffer
Tel.: +49 (0) 381 498 - 5332


SharePoint-FAQ of the ITMC:

General informations about SharePoint:
Hilfe zu SharePoint Server 2019
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