Duration, unsubscribing and deletion

User accounts are automatically generated according to the data provided by the human resource or student administration in charge or based on an approval of related user applications (see point applications).

Automatically generated user accounts for staff members are valid from activation date on over the duration of the employment contract. The user account will be blocked 30 days after the employment contract has expired. In case a new contract is entered within the blocking period, the user account is automatically reactivated.

Automatically generated user accounts for students are valid from activation date on over the duration of the studies. The user account will be blocked 30 days after de-registration.

User accounts of guests and function accounts are blocked one day after the expiry of validity. The user account of guest students can be prolonged or reactivated on presentation of the valid student certification within the blocking period, for all other guest or function accounts on presentation of a new user application.

Unsubscribing from the ITMC
The ITMC confirms the return of the chip card upon a student’s application for de-registration. Stamp and signature on the application for de-registration are available at the main contact point of the ITMC (entrance area of the Konrad Zuse Building, Albert-Einstein-Straße 22). The central contact point is open from Monday to Friday from 8 to 16 o’clock.

(Additional information on de-registration and the related application are provided here.)

The chip cards and staff member cards of staff members are also returned at the Central contact point.

Alternatively, the returning or processing of the de-registration application can also be done by email. Please, contact the administration office for this.

Deletion of data
The user account is automatically deleted 90 days after the day of user account blocking. The deletion of data in independent systems depends on the conditions valid for every relevant system.



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