What do I have to pay attention to?

We generally print in digital printing at the ITMZ- what does that mean for you?

  • unlike offset printers, we can also process RGB colors (you work with these automatically in PPT and Word)
  • you do not have to create a bleed for your document, because we usually print only on A4 and A3 paper or on a plotter roll
  • a print margin of about 5mm cannot be printed on A4 and A3 paper

poster was created with PowerPoint

  • At the beginning: set/check correct page size
  • Tape: draft, slide size should be set the desired final size- please do not choose the screen presentation)
  • Tape File, Options, Save- here "Embed fonts in file" and "Embed all characters" should be checked,
    in old PPT versions there was still the option "Do not embed system fonts"- this must not be activated
  • PDF creation via File/ Export/ Create PDF/XPS document
  • click on optimize for "Standard"
  • click in the options "ISO 19005-1 compatible(PDF/A)"

Check your PDF file on screen especially for special characters, color gradients, missing objects.

In Acrobat Reader in File/Properties on the card for fonts should be behind each font "Embedded".

Experienced users can perform a preflight with Adobe Acrobat

Control for posters

Are you still unsure if the correct print result is to be expected? Open the PDF file in Photoshop (is available on the application server). Everything that is displayed here is also present on the poster.

If you have any problems, we will be happy to help you.

Creation with Word

You should not create print products larger than A3 with Word. If you have created flyers or brochures the same applies as under Powerpoint.

Creating PDFs from Powerpoint or Word for an offset print shop (mass printing)

Since both programs only work with screen colors, there are some things to consider to create a halfway printable file.

The black RGB text or other objects must be converted to CMYK black in any case.

For this you can use Adobe Acrobat. The actions of the "Print production" contain the function "Convert colors" and the function "Preflight" for the conversion to a printable PDF.