Brochures (saddle stitching)

The print run per order is limited to 500 pieces.


Brochures consist of several A4 or A3 sheets and are folded in the middle and stapled with 2-fold stitching.

Please send a PDF file containing all pages one by one in portrait format.

The order of pages for booklet printing is determined by the printing machine itself.

  • The number of pages must be divisible by 4, as 4 pages will be placed on each sheet.
  • Brochures can be produced in A4, A5 and special format.
  • In an A5 brochure, 4 pages are arranged on an A4 sheet.
  • In an A4 brochure, 4 pages are arranged on an A3 sheet.
  • The inner part is always printed on 100g/m² paper for color printing.
  • For b/w printing, it can be printed on 80g/m² paper.
  • The cover can be printed as follows:
    • like the inner part
    • 160 g/m² matt
  • The brochure can be printed on 80g/m² paper (including cover), b/w only, consisting of up to 30 sheets (which corresponds to 120 pages).
    • with cover on a thicker paper up to 28 sheets (112 pages)
  • with cover on 100g/m² paper (including cover), only b/w, up to 20 sheets (80 pages),
    • with cover on 160g/m² the brochure can consist of 18 sheets (72 pages).
  • the non-printable margin of the page is approx. 5mm; please take this into account in your layout
  • the finished brochure is trimmed at the front edge, so the finished brochure is slightly smaller in size
  • to make a brochure exactly A4 or A5 size, the file will be printed completely on A3 or SRA3.
    • the brochure will be more expensive.
    • all pages of the file must be bleed and trim marks.

You are welcome to consult us on site and see sample brochures. Please make an appointment by mail.

This offer is only valid for members of the University of Rostock!

There is a charge for printing brochures!