Multi-page prints

Per order, the upper print run limit for copies without binding is 5000 copies.

The upper print run limit for bound copies is 250 copies.

Multi-page prints can be bound, stapled or punched.

Paper types: 80g/m² matt (b/w only), 100g/m² matt, 120g/m² matt, 135g/m² silk matt, 160g/m² matt

If you want to print on recycled paper, you need to bring your paper. We only print on recycled paper that complies with EN 12281:2002. This must be clearly visible.

Since it is digital printing, we cannot print borderless.

A multi-page print can be provided with stapling and/or perforation.

  • Stapling on the left side or on the top left corner.
    • Up to 100 sheets of 80g/m² paper or up to 50 sheets of 100g/m² paper can be stapled.

Multi-page printing can be bound at the ITMC.

There is a charge for multi-page printing at the ITMC!