The administration of rights related to lectures

When registering for a lecture (in Stud.IP), every lecturer should think about the right assignments related to this lecture. There are different right groups a user can have related to a lecture. The classification into right groups can be made by determining concrete access authorizations. In a first step, it has to be determined who shall be allowed to see the lecture at all. In cases of password-free access to the lecture, every user gets the status author. Thus, he/she has the writing permission related to the lecture. If this shall be limited, the writing permission must be set to password protected. Now, every user who registers for the lecture gets status reader. Those users who know the password can appoint themselves (by inserting the password) as authors within the lecture. And it is only these readers who a writing permission.

If the reading permission for the lecture is set to password protected, only those users may register for the lecture who know the password. These users are automatically appointed as authors then, with related writing permissions. In cases of password protected reading permission it is assumed that the relevant user also gets the writing permission related to this lecture. Now, a withdrawal of the writing permission, if required, has to be done by the lecturer for every user. To avoid possible annoying reworks such as the withdrawal of a writing permission, every lecture should consider in advance who shall or must be authorized to do what related to his/her lecture.


Stud.IP-Support Team