Daily synchronisation with the LSF

All lecture relevant data in Stud.IP are synchronized with the LSF (course catalogue), usually on Mondays from 07:10 to about 07:45 o‘clock). Impairments may occur during this period of time.

The synchronized lectures are created in Stud.IP with status „blocked“ to give the lecturer the opportunity to organize a registration procedure (e.g. a draw) of participant places.

All staff members are transferred from LSF to Stud.IP during the synchronisation. All persons that are registered as lecturer in an LSF lecture will be entered into Stud.IP with status „lecturer“. All others get the status „tutor“.

As lecturer, please, contact the LSF editor in charge at your institution for changing your lecture’s data in LSF or check if you can change these data yourself in status „lecturer“ after registering at https://lsf.uni-rostock.de.

For all questions on LSF, please, contact the LSF support:


Stud.IP-Support Team