4. Thunderbird Add-on

The Thunderbird Add-On is an integration for Unibox in Thunderbird.
This add-on is supposed to make mailing with Unibox even more comfortable.
The Thunderbird Add-On downloads attachments of e-mails via WebDav to a Unibox server and generates download links for them.
The recipient receives an e-mail with download links for the specified attachments.
Sharing files with emails has never been so easy.


Download Thunderbird Add-on

You can find the current version of the Thunderbird add-on in the Thunderbird Store


Albert-Einstein-Straße 22
18059 Rostock

Josephin Tschakste
Tel.: +49 381 498-5347


Installation and configuration of the Thunderbird add-on

Download the Thunderbird add-on for Unibox and go to the add-on management in Thunderbird.
Select "Install add-on from file" via the settings wheel and select the downloaded add-on.


Confirm the addition of the add-on.



The add-on has been added successfully.




Go to the "Compose" tab in the Thunderbird settings.
Enter your username and password for the add-on to connect to Unibox.
Furthermore, you can specify the size of files to be uploaded automatically. For this, adjust the size under the item "Offer upload for files larger than X MB".

Afterwards, the account is set up and you can use the add-on.

Using the Thunderbird Add-on

Add an attachment to an email and click on "Use Filelink". 




After the file has been uploaded, you will find a file link in the e-mail, which you can send. 




Note: An extra folder "Mail Attachments" is automatically created in your Unibox, in which all mail uploads are stored.