User Manual

Inter-institutional and interdisciplinary science and research requires team-oriented work. Thus, the demand for suitable products that support such collaboration increases. Working together and simply exchanging documents flexibly in this context is an important prerequisite.

With Unibox, the University of Rostock provides such a service to students and employees of the University of Rostock. With the online storage service, it is possible to exchange, edit, save and synchronize data between users, desktop computers and mobile devices. The data access takes place cross-platform via a web browser or via the Unibox clients for the operating systems Windows, Max OS, Linux, Apple iOS and Android. Each user has 40 GB of storage space available.

Frequently asked questions, as well as for one or other important settings we have documented on our websites in the FAQ.  Furthermore, you will find on our websites currently known problems and related workarounds, as well as video tutorials on individual functions.