FAQ Chip card access function copying function

How do I get a chip card?

The chip cards for staff members and students are provided at the ITMC at the user advice service on the ground floor (info desk). Preconditions are a valid user ID and the student or staff identity card.


Chip card lost – what do I have to do?

  1. In case of chip card loss, please, immediately appear in person at the ITMC info desk, Monday to Friday from 8 to 16 o’clock or send a personal university email to chipkarten(at)uni-rostock(dot)de
  2. In case you used the chip card at the printing/copying machines of company Gluth, inform the related support.
  3. Pay the 10 Euros administration fee at the ITMC administration office on the 1st floor during office hours
  4. Afterwards, you can get a new chip card at the central contact point on the ITMC ground floor (glass box). All access rights remain valid!


Chip card defect/broken – what to do now?

In case of a defect/broken chip card, contact the main contact point of the ITMC on the ground floor (glass box) where you will get a new chip card after inspection, if applicable.


Are my personal data stored on the chip card?

NO! No personal card holder information, such as name or first name, are stored on the card. It contains only unique information that allow the system the allocation to required access information.


It sometime takes very long until the reader „responds“ to my card!

This issue is technically motivated. When a chip card gets close to the reader, an electrical field is established which may take 1 – 2 seconds for used chip cards. The card must be held steadily close to the reader for this – „waving“ the card is actually not very helpful. In case the response period of the reader is extremely long (>5s) or there is no response at all, we kindly ask you to contact the support: chipkarten(at)uni-rostock(dot)de.