User certificate application

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Currently, there is a switch of certificate vendors (DFN -> GEANT TCS / Sectigo) going on in whole Germany. Unfortunately, this switch comes along with disrupted availability. Currently, we cannot issue any e-mail-certificate at all, as the university is still waiting for its revalidation.

Please wait patiently (as we do) and inform yourself at our pages about the current state.

Publication: Yes or No?

Publication: Yes or No?

During the application process you will be asked, if you would like to have your certificate publicly available. Answering Yes means, that anybody can search for your certificate at a DFN directory. That directory is not browsable, not scannable, and always requires the exact name or email address of the certificate's owner. With a found certificate, your may immediatly start an encrypted communication with the certificate's owner.

Choosing No means, that you need to exchange your certificates in an unencrypted communication prior to starting an encrypted communication.

You may withdraw the publication of your certificate at any time, but a later publication consent is not realisable.


Certification authority

Albert-Einstein-Str. 22
18059 Rostock

Martin Sievers-Luboschik
Tel: +49 381 498-5328

Jörg Maletzky
Tel: +49 381 498-5339

Jörg Zerbe
Tel: +49 381 498-5320