1. Forms of use:

  • Training and continuing education courses under the supervision of an instructor
  • individual, free practice
  • Work for the realization of scientific projects

2. User rooms

IT and Media Center: PC-Pool R201 2nd floor, Multimedia-Pool R239 2nd floor

Computer Science: PC-Pool R310 3rd floor

3. Authorization of use

In principle, all employees and students of the University who have user authorization for the pools can use these pools.

The access data for the use of the pools will be sent automatically by the IT and Media Center, provided that the data has been sent to the IT and Media Center by the staff administration or the student secretariat. The user receives a user ID and activation code. After successful activation all services can be used. The provisions of the user regulations must be observed. The use of the pool room 201 is possible on all days from 0.00-24.00 (with the exception of times for maintenance, system maintenance and cleaning). The pool in Room 239 is available for use from 7:30am-4:30pm on weekdays and the pool in Room 310 is available for use from 7:30am-6:00pm. After 6:00 p.m. and on weekends, access to the building is by access card only. Please refer to current notices for closing times at the end of the year. Block times for classes, courses and internships must be coordinated with the pool supervisor Mr. Retzlaff Tel: 498-5338 at least 14 days in advance. These times will be posted to individual users as block times. Persons without a valid user authorization have no access to the user rooms.

4. Order and safety

Eating and drinking in the pools is strictly prohibited. The foyer is available for this purpose. Dogs are not allowed in the building. The employees of the IT and Media Center are authorized to carry out checks and issue instructions, which must be followed. The PCs are to be handled properly. Work equipment provided in the pools is exclusively intended for use on this equipment and may not be removed from the room. In the event of technical faults on PCs or viruses on PCs, Mr. Retzlaff (responsible for the pool) or other employees of the IT and Media Center must be informed by phone on 5338. Suggestions, criticisms and error messages can be sent by e-mail to operatoruni-rostockde. In case of fire or emergency, please follow the fire regulations of the IT and Media Center.

5. Operation in the pools

For information on the individual applications running in the PC pools and on the various operating systems, please refer to the

IT and Media Center web pages www.itmz.uni-rostock.de.

Requirements for software for education and training will be reviewed and procured and made available as necessary. Software of unknown origin may not be used. Likewise, copying of existing software is prohibited. The C drives of the hard disk are reserved for the system and the software and may not be written to. The C:\temp drive on the hard disk is available to the user during his computer session and his home directory on the R drive. The work with own CD-RW, a USB stick are possible. The user logs in to the PC with his user ID and personal password. It is important to remember to log off the PC at the end of the session. The PCs are not switched off, these devices remain connected to the network.

6. Supervision while working in the pools

During the time from 8.00-15.30 Mr. Retzlaff (Room R010 - Tel. 5338 - Mail: operatoruni-rostockde) is available as pool supervisor.