Rules for the Provision of Information on the World Wide Web at the University of Rostock

(Web Rules)

As per 07.02.2018

On the basis of § 2 (1) in conjunction with § 81 (1) of the Landeshochschulgesetz [State Law on Higher Institutions of Education] in the version of the announcement of 25 January 2011 (GVOBl. MV p. 18), most recently amended by Article 3 of the Law of 11 July 2016 (GVOBl p. 550, 557), the University of Rostock has issued the following Rules for the Provision of Information on the World Wide Web at the University of Rostock:

§ 1 Scope, Framework Conditions

(1) The Web Rules regulate the use of the web server of the University of Rostock. Not included are linked documents and applications such as publications, educational materials, web applications and research results. The websites of the University of Rostock provide all official online information of the university, its facilities and bodies under "*". It provides up-to-date, generally interesting information from research and teaching, about studies and everyday university life at the University of Rostock. In this self-presentation, the various information providers, such as faculties, institutes, professorships, administration, rectorate, institutions, projects, student bodies, are represented with autonomous content, presenting in their entirety the University of Rostock. In addition to the information, the websites of the university offer the opportunity to comply with applicable publication requirements.

(2) By using the websites, the legal regulations must be adhered to. In particular, the regulations for the protection of personal data, copyright and licensing rights, personal rights and criminal laws must be observed. The Criminal Code (StGB) stipulates that, among others, propaganda for anti-constitutional organizations, the dissemination of racist ideology or pornography, theft, the modification or other manipulation of data and programs as well as insult and defamation are punishable. The guidelines of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and of the federal government (Law regulating the Framework Conditions for Information and Communication services) are also binding. The operating regulations and user regulations for the data communication network of the University of Rostock (RUN) must be observed.

(3) According to § 13 of the Landesbehindertengleichstellungsgesetz Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (LBGG M-V, State Equal Treatment Act for People with Disabilities), all websites must be designed in such a way that they can generally be used without restrictions by persons with disabilities. The condition for this is the Barrier-free Information Technology Regulation of the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (BITVO M-V).

(4) The guidelines of the Corporate Design ( ) of the University of Rostock provide the framework for the design; individual features outside this framework are not allowed.

(5) All websites of the University of Rostock require a clear editorial assignment of the content to the responsible departments.

§ 2 Responsibilities

(1) The responsibility of the editors and the publisher for the content and for the technical handling is specified in the following paragraphs. The person responsible for the respective information offer is responsible for the content of the websites she/he provides, for its care and for making links to other websites. Responsibility also extends to regulatory compliance.

(2) The web presence of the University of Rostock is subject to the overall responsibility of the Rector. If necessary, the Rector regulates the responsibilities for individual areas. Unless other responsibilities are specified, the following rules of jurisdiction and responsibility shall apply:

  1. The Rector of the University of Rostock or one of his / her representatives is responsible for the main page of the university as well as all inter-university information, like e.g. official communications from the university, general information about the university or communications from the university administration.
  2. The information of the individual institutions of the university is organized in a decentralized way. The content of the website responsibility lies with the head of the respective structural or organizational unit, respectively the project leader for his/her respective project.
  3. For the student body, the General Student Committee (AStA) as the external representation is responsible.

The Rector or one of his / her officers/ representatives decides on the admission of information offers that are not directly assigned to the above structure. The responsible persons pay attention in their respective area to the observance of the relevant regulations and instructions of the university as well as the legal regulations.

(3) Those responsible for content can delegate the editorial responsibility to their employees. The authors and editors of websites are expressly advised that the above-mentioned legal norms and framework conditions must be observed.

(4) The IT and Media Center of the University of Rostock (ITMZ) assumes the technical responsibility for the central web presence of the University of Rostock. According to § 4 paragraph 8, the ITMZ can provide own websites (templates) on the central system for institutions and projects of the university. The use of canonical Internet addresses, which clearly indicate the area in question (e.g., must be used. The ITMZ must be notified of the responsible editor. Other information offers that are not technically supported by the ITMZ must be registered with the ITMZ. The technical responsibility lies then with the operator of the external web service.

§ 3 Privacy Policy

(1) The University of Rostock may only store data on access to web pages in order to create anonymous access statistics or to enable access authorization to be checked by the domain of the accessing system.

(2) The collection and storage of other personal data is only permitted if an informed consent of the person concerned is available in accordance with § 8 of the State Data Protection Act (DSG M-V).

(3) The University of Rostock wants to make its information on the Internet as broad and attractive as possible. In order to meet this requirement, the University and its organizational units are entitled to publish the following data on the University's website without asking the affected persons:

  • Research results, stating the title (Prof. Dr.), the first name and surname of the authors as well as the research institutions,
  • Announcements and reports of meetings, including the name and surname of the speakers and their official contact addresses,
  • First name and surnames, official contact details and area of research of the scientific staff directly involved in research and teaching,
  • First name and surname, official contact details, establishment / department of university members according to § 50 Landeshochschulgesetz [State Law on Higher Institutions of Education]

Further information may only be published by the University of Rostock if the persons concerned have been informed in advance in accordance with § 8 DSG M-V [Data Protection Law of MV] and have given their consent. If those concerned object to the publication, it must remain unpublished.

§ 4 Design of Websites

(1) All websites are to be designed in accordance with the applicable corporate design of the University of Rostock and the above-mentioned legal norms and framework conditions. It must be ensured that they are state of the art. The design of the Internet presence of the University of Rostock should be as user-friendly as possible.

(2) Each website must have a link to the imprint and the privacy policy.

(3) Linking to external pages outside "*" is possible, but must be clearly identifiable. On external pages, the corporate design is not applicable.

(4) Each site must have a direct link to the homepage of the University of Rostock. In addition, a reference to the landing page of the functional unit should also be included. This should be indicated when referring to a page or a document with unusually high data size.

(5) The information offered must be kept up-to-date. Outdated information must be removed or marked separately.

(6) The default language of all landing pages is German. Important pages, especially landing pages, should alternatively be available in English. There must be cross-references between the German-speaking and English-speaking pages.

(7) If documents and information services are only accessible to a limited number of users (for example, only users of a local network), this restriction must already be pointed out when referring to these documents.

(8) Own templates are granted only in justified cases, in order to obtain the highest possible usability. Own templates are granted in the following cases: 

  1. for institutions of the University of Rostock
  2. for conferences with a time limit (deletion gernerally no later than one year after the end of the conference)
  3. for periodical meetings without time limit
  4. for cross-faculty or cross-university projects with equal partners
  5. or faculty or inter-university services.

(9) To avoid using very long links due to the positioning in the depth of the menu structure, a short link can be used for websites of the central website, which must be requested in writing from the webmaster of the University of Rostock. With this short link, which is assigned to the respective institution, short addresses can be realized.

§ 5 Checks

The Rector or one of his / her representatives reserves the right to carry out random checks of the websites. A censorship does not take place. In the event of a breach of statutory provisions or of provisions of these Rules or the operating regulations and user regulations for the data communication network of the University of Rostock, the Rector reserves the right to have the affected websites blocked. Rule violations must be reported to the Rectorate immediately by e-mail or in writing. The Rector may delegate his / her powers of control to one of his / her representatives.

§ 6 Entry into force

These Rules come into force the day after their publication in the Official Announcements of the University of Rostock.

Issued on the basis of the resolution of the Academic Senate of the University of Rostock of 07. 02. 2018

Rostock, this February 10, 2018


The Rector

of the University of Rostock

University Professor Dr. Wolfgang Schareck


Decided in the IKM-Advisory Board on 14.12.2017