ILIAS – Online learning platform

Ilias is a system for generating internet-based learning and teaching materials. The use of e-learning standards and the modular structure allow content adaptations to didactic and organisational conditions.


For logging in in ILIAS you need the user ID/Uni login and password only.

Official user data

Official user data like

  • Name, First Name
  • Gender
  • Academic title
  • Name affixes (e.g. aristocratic title)

    Are directly synchronized with the relevant administration data since the metadirectory was commissioned. The synchronization is always done during the login. Changing these information is not in the area of responsibility of ILIAS. The relevant administration unit of the university (e.g. student secretariat) must be contacted here.

    The password does not work

    Generally, the password should also be tested in another system – e.g. Stud.IP. If the login works there, it is possible that the password does not meet the new ILIAS requirements.

    From the current version on, not all special characters in passwords are accepted by ILIAS. This affects in particular all bracket characters. The following characters are permitted in the password:

    A-Z a-z 0-9 _.+?#-*@!$%~/:;

    If passwords are used that contain special characters, the password must be changed. The relevant page can be found under the following link. Passwords are not safer when containing more special characters. The longer the password the safer it is.

    After three failed logins the account is blocked by ILIAS for one day. So it is very important to use the right userid and password especially when saving the data in a browser.

    Right administration in ILIAS courses

    The right administration in ILIAS is done via role system. The roles define the different access options to single contents of every ILIAS object. Standard roles with predefined rights exist for this. One example would be the role course member. The course administrator has to and can directly implement deviating settings here that apply for this course only. Thus, course participants cannot generate articles in forums by default. This right must be inserted by the course administrator. Care should be taken to only grant the actually necessary rights.

    ILIAS and §52a UrhG

    Resulting from the new framework agreements between KMK and VG word, some things must be considered in ILIAS in the future. Probably from October 2017 on, only contents must be provided there that do not contradict the regulations related to §52a UrhG.

    There are different opportunities to protect these contents in ILIAS. Nothing must be deleted. No contents are deleted on the system side.

    In case of questions on technical details, we kindly ask you to contact

    Further information on handling §52a UrhG are provided here.

    In case of questions on content details of §52a UrhG, please, send an email on urheberrecht.ubuni-rostockde.

    Introductory courses on working with ILIAS

    The course teaches the basic components of ILIAS and the proceeding with creating online learning content in ILIAS. Main functionalities of the application are presented and can be directly tested in exercises. In the end, every participant should be able to administrate ILIAS courses and to create ILIAS learning modules and tests.

    Course in Stud.IP

    The course documents are provided in the following file:

    ILIAS - A technical introduction for authors