Establishment of the website

Every website is structured as follows:

  • Header 1 with Language switch and Login
  • Header 2 with Logo, Institution title, Search and Quick access
  • Main menu – horizontally arranged with 6 menu items maximum
  • Page content
  • Footer with contact and service areas 
[Translate to English:] Aufbau einer Webseite

Main menu

The horizontally arranged main menu must comprise of 6 menu items maximum with names as short as possible. The second and third menu levels are summarized so that the entire third level is visible after clicking the main menu item. The second menu level serves for structuring only and, thus, cannot be clicked. 8 menu items maximum are possible on the second level where 4 maximum can be placed side by side. It is recommended for a better overview to pay attention to an arrangement of the menu items on the third level as uniform and balanced as possible.

[Translate to English:] Hauptmenüstruktur


The quick access is intended for a collection of links to particularly relevant main navigation pages. Two columns with links maximum can be inserted.

[Translate to English:] Aufbau des Schnelleinstiegs


The contact information of the institution must be indicated in the footer. The items “Imprint”, “Data protection” and “Site map” are firmly integrated under “Service”. The content of the point “Site map” can be adapted to your requirements. The links to Facebook and Youtube are predefined.

Site map

The university sites can be accessed via the geoportal linked here.

You can name a spot on the map via the meeting point function and will receive a link that you may integrate into the website of your institution. Thus, any intended section of Rostock can be displayed in a selected magnification.

The maps can be also used for print products with reference to the geoportal.

Map sections can be marked with connectible topics (e.g. stops) and edited as PDF file via the item Print map section. PDF files can be opened and processed with the newer Photoshop versions.

In case of questions on use, please, send an email to itmzinfouni-rostockde or call the IT and media centre, Kerstin Baier under telephone number +49 (0) 391 498 5335.

You can also use map from Please, observe the also applying licence conditions. 


Contrary to the previous practice, contents can be displayed side by side now. Here, it is possible to create columns (one or four) with different width (patterns).

The following new content elements are added to the formerly known:

  • Highlight box for highlighting important content in colour
  • Slide show as image design of the page
  • Teaser box
  • Image gallery
  • Accordion for structuring text-intensive pages