Email program

You can read and send your mails in any webbrowser. Open the webmail program OWA (Outlook Web App) for this. With this program, mail, calendar and adress list are available to you all over the world. It can be opened via


The following documentations are available for you: OWA 2010, OWA Light, Automatisches Einrichten von Outlook, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Thunderbird, Mail für Mac/Apple, Microsoft Entourage for Mac, Mail for Exchange - Nokia, iphone

Configuration data

You can also configurate your own email program with the configuration data below.
During the configuration, take care that the user data User ID and Password (authentification) are needed for the sending process via SMTP. For safely transferring the user ID and the password, you have to chose an encrypted transfer (TLS). The tables below show you the key data for configurating the email program.

Server name Protocol Encryption Port Support SMTP encrypted 25 Not supported SMTP TLS 25, 587 ok POP3 encrypted 110 Not supported POP3 TLS 110 ok POP3(S) SSL 995 ok IMAP encrypted 143 Not supported IMAP TLS 143 ok IMAP(S) SSL 993 ok HTTP encrypted 80 Forwarded to HTTPS HTTP(S) SSL 443 ok RPC (MAPI) via HTTPS (Outlook Anywhere) SSL 443 ok ActiveSync SSL 443 ok



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