Chip card (Access/Copying function)

The ITMZ provides a free chip card to all students for the duration of their studies and to all staff members for the duration of their employment at the University of Rostock. Chip cards can only be provided to users with valid and activated user account. The chip card can be used as long as this user account is active. The chip card of the user is blocked when the user account is blocked. The chip card must be returned after the studies or the employment are completed.

Chip cards can be used for printing/copying/scanning or for accessing the university buildings, rooms or university’s parking spaces.

The chip card must be collected personally on presentation of the student identification card or staff member card (university staff members get it together with the access data for your user account) in combination with a photo ID at the ITMC’s central contact point (entrance area of the Konrad Zuse Building, Albert-Einstein-Straße 22). The central contact point is open from Monday to Friday from 8 to 16 o’clock.

In case you lost your chip card, please, immediately, contact the Central Contact Point or send an email from your email address at the University of Rostock to chipkarten(at)uni-rostock(dot)de.

In case of defect, broken or malfunctioning chip cards, please, also contact the Central Contact Point. You get a new chip card after an inspection, if applicable.

An administration fee of 10 Euros is charged in case of chip card loss according to the university statute of fees. The amount must be paid at the ITMC administrative office.


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