General terms and conditions for the photo service of the IT and Media Centre

What should I pay attention to if I want to use the ITMZ photo service?

1. Photo service

Photographers of the IT and Media Centre (ITMZ) offer the following services to all employees of the University of Rostock:

· Photo documentation and reports of university events of public intereset for public relations

· Portrait, group and object photographs related to education and research

· Conceptual photographs (z.B. image pictures)

· Photo reorders

· Digital reproduction and digitization of templates for research and education

· Support and design related to the creation of print media (e.g. posters, brochures).


2. Placing an order, costs

(1) Only employees of the University of Rostock can use photo services and submit orders. The order form provided in the internet must be used for these orders. The printed and filled form must be send by mail or email to the ITMZ photoservice (fotoservice(at)uni-rostock(dot)de). The order must be received by the ITMZ photo service at least 10 working days before the intended photo session minimum.

(2) A request becomes a binding order only after order confirmation by the ITMZ photoservice. It assumes the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions as well as, for portrait and group photos, the written consent of the portrayed persons to the recording and the use of the photos according to figure 3. As a rule, the order confirmation is provided during the core working times. There is no claim for confirmation.

(3) The client receives the photos per email or a sent link. In case the provision via CD, DVD or paper is desired, the material costs are invoice to the client. The invoice and transfer data must be inserted into the application form.



3. Consent

(1) When submitting the application, the client has to, except not otherwise agreed, provide the written proof that the persons displayed in portrait and group photos agree to the publication, unless no approval is needed according to § 23 KunstUrhG (Persons of contemporary history / accessory). The form provided in the internet must be used for the consent (declaration of consent). For minors, an additional consent of the person entitled to custody is needed.

(2) Related to public events, the client undertakes to inform the participants (page 2 of the form) about the photo documentation of the event in the beginning, and to indicate that photos of them can be taken and used for the public relations of the University of Rostock (see figure 4).


4. Purpose of use

(1) All photo recordings and products created by the ITMZ photoservice are possession of the University of Rostock and can be used journalistically for illustration and public relations of the University of Rostock without any time, space or content limitation, regardless of the transfer, carrier or storage technologies. This use includes all kinds, forms and media of public relations and the technical and artistic processing of recordings for this purpose. This includes the provision of these recordings or results (e.g. marketing materials) by the University of Rostock to third parties. It is within the discretion of the University of Rostock if the name of the recorded person/s are mentioned.

(2) The University of Rostock does not assume any liability for damages that occur due to improper use of photos ore results by any third party.



5. Publications of the ITMZ

(1) Event documentations are published in the internet for viewing at

(2) All photographs have been archived in the ITMZ from 2004 on. Some of them are integrated into the media database Bilddatenbank and are available there to university useres for public relations, education and research.


6. Preorders for private purposes

(1) Event photos can be reordered by members of the University of Rostock and by persons and institutions from outside the University of Rostock for private purposes only. The following prices per photo apply (VAT included): · Format 10 x 15 cm/ 3.00 Euros · Format 13 x 18 cm/ 4.00 Euros

(2) A photo CD of the event with all taken photographs in digital format as JPEG files with a resolution of 72 dpi 13x18 cm (no print quality, only for presentation on a screen) can be bought for 25.00 Euros (VAT included).

(3) For ordering, send an email to fotoservice.privat(at)uni-rostock(dot)de. The order must indicate the concrete event, the file name, number of photos and the postal and invoice address. The payment is made per invoice. Shipping costs are included into the price.


Date: 13.02.2019