3.2. Installation on Android

1. Download the client „Unibox Rostock“ in the Google App Store or Play Store.

2. The installation of the clients starts automatic.


3. After successful installation, the app can executed.


4. Then start the client and log in with your user account.

5. In the app, you have the possibility to make standard settings.

6. The Android File Manager allows you to copy files to the Unibox. Select a file and choose “Share”. The Unibox offered to you as a possibility and the file is stored there.


7. Now you can work with the client, store data, synchronize and work on common projects.


Please note:
With Android 8, there are currently still difficulties in using the app. Until the problem is solved by the software manufacturer, there is the following workaround.
Open "Settings" on your Android smartphone and go to the installed apps. Find the "Unibox Rostock" app in this list and open the settings menu / app info. Select "Permissions" or "Permissions" and enable access to the memory of your smartphone. Then the upload / download and work with the mobile app should work.